About Us

Born from an appreciation for what women want, Kireina makes inspired everyday style effortless and achievable.

Named after the Japanese word for ‘pretty’ and ‘beautiful,’ Kireina offers stylish, feminine wardrobe essentials that are designed to elevate your look and make you feel your best.

With denim at our heart, Kireina delivers an inspiring blend of elevated staples and laid-back style.


Kireina came to life after our founder, Sarah Epstein, noticed that too many women were having a hard time finding well-made garments that ticked the box of being stylish, accessible, practical and well-priced.

After more than a decade spent working as a fashion importer and inspired by her frequent international buying trips, Sarah’s vision for Kireina began to form, and in 2020, Kireina was born.

Guided by honest feedback from real women and a desire to make seasonal wardrobe upgrades as fun and painless as possible, Sarah worked on creating a thoughtful selection of flattering fashion essentials that could offer busy women an instant wardrobe refresh – elevating their everyday style while still being practical enough to not get in the way of work, motherhood or real life.